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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a major move to ease congestion and cut down on travel time. >> today, all of the icc is fillly open. we are live with a look at the roads this morning. >> also, this morning, the so- called supercommittee could not reach a deal on how to keep the nation's skyrocketing debt in check. we'll take a look at what cuts are coming. we'll do that this hour. fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00. 6:00. good morning. it is 6:00 on this tuesday, november 22nd, 2011. you are taking a look at a very foggy washington, d.c. this morning and very dreary out there too, folks. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad you're with us this morning. tony perkins with us as always with some rain to talk about. >> sure thing. we have some rain showers across portions of the region
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primarily to the east of the district right now. even if you are not getting it now, you will likely get it later on. we'll show you where the precipitation is at this hour. it is again primarily off to the east. there are a couple of scattered showers off to the west. but mainly off to the east. right now, moving across the chesapeake bay into eastern portions of maryland so not so much happening here closer to home in the washington, d.c. area itself. but as i mentioned, we'll see more of this move in and develop during the course of the day today. temperatures this morning are in the 40s and 50s. generally 40s to the west, others from washington into points east. other right now in the district. 50 in baltimore. 55 in fredericksburg. ocean city at 56 degrees. off to the west, winchester and hagerstown in the mid-40s. plenty of clouds today.
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periods of rain actual the bit breezy. maybe some thunderstorms tonight. highs today only in the mid- 50s. i'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> all right. thank you. let's check with julie and get a look at traffic. >> we're talking the icc and it is open. that 18-mile stretch between laurel and gaithersburg. stacy cohan reporting live from the scene in just a few minutes to bring us the latest details. if you are traveling in upper marlboro, that is where we have the accident activity. this is going to be northbound 301 at village drive north of the marlboro pike. fire and rescue units responding to the scene of this incident. other side of town finds lanes open but the pace slowing in center villain right here leaving fair oak on 66 headed eastbound on 123. the top stretch of the beltway in good shape leaving new hampshire avenue headed around towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the new segment of the intercounty connector is open to drivers. >> the key stretch that connects georgia avenue to just
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east of i-59 and stacy cohan is in laurel on the icc. >> reporter: good morning. the icc the intercounty connector. also called maryland 200. whatever you call it, it is open. you can drive on it from gaithersburg all the way to laurel. it is just under 19 miles to make that trip. this is a huge six-lane highway. it's a toll highway but for the moment, there is no stole. that is good until december 5th. what officials are hoping is that this $2.6 billion project will relieve congestion on other roads and save you some serious time. -- there is no toll. >> it will cut commute time and travel times significantly. for example, from gaithersburg to bwi airport, the time gets cut from 71 minutes on local roads to 37 minutes using. icc. we expect congestion on the local roads to be eased by the icc. in fact, we are saying even people would don't take the icc
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will benefit from that. >> reporter: hopefully, folks will use the icc as, according to the "washington post," it may be last public road built in maryland for quite some time. the newspaper is reporting today that maryland emptied its coffers just about in constructing this road and there is no additional public funding for new road project. in any event, this project is open, ready for business, could cut your commute time in half so come on out and give day try. >> thank you. as we check other top stories, the occupy wall street movement could pick up strength in our area today. more than 20 protestors expected to arrive at macpherson square finish ago a nearly 240-mile walk from new york city o their way, the protestors picked up supporters in new jersey, delaware, maryland and pep pen. also today, occupy protestifiers in alexandria will gather in oldtown at market square and then march back into the district. a superfailure from the congressional supercommittee
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despite hundreds of hours of meetings. it could not come up with a deal to trim the deficit this. means that automatic cuts worth $1.2 trillion will kick in in january of 2013. about$4 other billion of that would come from defense spending with military officials warning of cuts to weapons systems and troop confidence tape down to pre- world war ii levels. president obama has for lawmaker who might try to undo the automatic cuts. >> already, some in congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts. my message to them is simple. no. i will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts, domestic and defense spending. >> the commander in chief is absent from that. he needs to be leading in this. if he had told this debt committee this 12 that he wanted an agreement, we would have had one. >> now, "washington post" reports there is also concern about whether congress will
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extent the payroll tax cuts based on the supercommittee's inability to act. the man accused firing shots at the white house is being held without bond and will undergo a psychological evaluation. oscar ortega hernandez was in court yesterday. he is accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house earlier this month. president obama was not there at the time. a tsa worker accused of sexually assaulting a woman in manassas. harold rodman has been suspended from his job as a baggage screener at dulles airport. investigators say a woman was getting out of of a friend's car when rodman approached them wearing his tsa uniform and displaying his badge. moments later, police say the woman was assaulted. a well-known name joins the investigation into the penn state child abuse scandal.
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officials are promising a new crackdown on drivers who park in spots assigned to the disabled. 
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making headlines, the alleged east coast rapist may soon be rushing to northern virginia. the state's attorney's office in connecticut has decided to extradite aaron thomas to prince william county. thomas was arrested by new halfen police earlier this year. police a dna evidence links him to 17 attacks since 1997. six were in virginia. former fbi director louis freeh is now leading an internal investigation into the penn state child sex abuse scandal. freeh's inqry carried out by former fbi agents, federal prosecutors and others will go as far back as 1975. former assistant football coach jerry sandusky accused of sexually abusing at least eight children. the school had been criticized for using two university trustees to lead its internal
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investigation. freeh has no direct connection to penn state. hezbollah has unraveled a cia spy network in lebanon. the capture of foreign spies sheerly damaged the u.s. intelligence agency's ability to gather information. american pie officials were alerted last year to be careful in handling informants. in a region where parking is at a premium, official are cracking down on drivers who abuse the use of some spots. >> also head, can we shake yesterday's dreary weather? well, this picture will tell you a lot. we'll check in with tony for your full forecast. fox 5 morning news continues after the break. drinkin'?u i'm drinkin' dunkin'.
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on. take a look outside right now. traffic at the pentagon, nearby at least, 395 moving pretty well in the rain this morning. a little messy out there. >> a little bit of commuting music for you there.
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get you going. get you ready to go for this wednesday. >> feeling it, tp? >> yeah, i am. >> feeling something. >> yeah. >> we did mention that you were sick earlier. >> maybe i've had a little bit too much medication. >> cold medicine may be doing something. >> let's take a look at what is going on out there. we have rain showers across the region as you've seen from the live shot. we'll continue to have that through the morning hours. i think this particular radar image overplays this a little bit because tucker and i have been checking our hd radar and doesn't show quite as much rain. this is what you're seeing here is not as big an area of rain as what is showing there and even this not as big an area of rain but this is where the bulk of the moisture is this morning moving across the chesapeake bay into eastern maryland. we're not done yet. there is more rain off to the west. in fact, let's take a look. we'll broaden the picture and take a look. there you go. there is a lot to deal with and
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eventually, we'll get some of this coming through here as well as we see this frontal boundary. acouple of things going on. it is kind of complicated. unsettled weather for the next -- for today and for half of tomorrow we think certainly before things start to clear out. a pretty good amount of rainfall coming through here and then rising and lowering temperatures before things settle down at a good level for the weekend. here is a look at futurecast. this is what we think will be going on during the next 24 hours or so. i'll move over this way so we can see how it moves in. here is how we are this morning. during the course of the morning and the day, the clouds hang with us. precipitation begins to move through. there you go. this afternoon, right around the noon hour,en is getting rain being other than a couple of spots of heavy rain later on this afternoon and evening, still some rain showers. some breaks there but by the time we get to the nighttime hours, that rain really picks up. could see some thunderstorms overnight or early tomorrow morning right around this time of morning where some of the
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heavier rain could be coming through and some of the thunderstorm activity as well. so for today, cloudy skies, rain likely. 56degrees for your high today. for tonight, the clouds continue. rain continues, could see some overnight thunderstorms, 54 degrees for your low. so no big shifts in our temperatures today. five-day forecast, temperatures actually go up we think during the overnight and early morning hours tomorrow. 64 is the high early in the day. and then in the latter part of the day, as the rain pulls out, we'll get to see those temperatures begin to drop t becomes rather breezy as well. thanksgiving looks pretty good. mix of clouds and sun. 56degrees. friday and saturday at this point look great. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> stacy cohan has been reporting all morning long from the scene of the icc. that is our big story. we want to know if you like it,
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will you use it? do you think it will help you save time? hit me up on twitter. we don't see too many people here on this particular portion of the highway here as it crosses over i-95. again, it is anticipated that this will alleviate a lot of congestion. that is what we've got our fingers crossed for, that it will help with you the commute from college park into silver spring. open for business. they're not going to start charging you for that toll until december 5th. if you are traveling eastbound 66 coming from, the gang is all here. it is heavy and slow leaving fair oaks headed in towards 123. more slow traffic at the beltway. no accidents to report out of manassas but a slow go as you guys make your way in from business 234. now, out to the roads. we'll get a couple of problems that we need to map out for you here. if you are traveling in upper
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marlboro, it is northbound 301 at village drive. then traveling in towards annapolis this morning, accident activity southbound i- 97, stay to the left in order to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it certainly can be tough to find parking around here but officials? montgomery county are reminding drivers to respect the space when it comes to spots that are reserved for the disabled. yesterday, ike leggett kicked off the new campaign. police plan to crack down on violators to assure that people would truly need the spots will have them. police are asking the public to take a close look at some surveillance videos. they try to track down suspects involve in a flash mob robbery. this happened at a 7-eleven in silver spring on tech road saturday night. about other teens and young adults enter the store all at once. they grabbed whatever they wanted and walked out the door again. montgomery county police say if you recognize anyone in this video, please give them a call. police want to hear from you. coming up next, we're live at fox business network in new york for a closer look at the
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big hit the markets took yesterday after the debt supercommittee's failure to reach an agreement. as we go to break, remember pippa middleton's dress. >> who could ever forget. >> tony just forgot. >> hold on. we want to let you know you can get one just look this or a girlfriend or wife perhaps. this is not a cheap knockoff. there is a site selling a version of it in the uk for around $3,000. almost identical to the original designed by sarah burton for alexander mcqueen. ♪
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welcome back. a warning for bank of america and the supercommittee ends in a soup are failure. dennis neal with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. >> good morning. quite a super flop yesterday.
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it was like the stock market knew about it way before they actually announced it. >> i know. we can be frustrated about them not getting our finances in order here. but as you kind of mentioned, this has an even bigger impact. we are talking about markets here. what is the prodder impact that this could have on the world? so the markets had a big selloff. down over 2%, right. because we worry if you guys can't cut spending in government, then the u.s. is less able to pay its debts. then the interest rate on the bonds the u.s. issues to raise money will go way up. but known a strange thing happened after the close of trading in the u.s. the two big rating agencies came out and said, you know what, we're not going for fur they are reduce your credit rating just because the supercommittee had a super flop that. cheered investor in asia where stocks didn't fall 2%. asia traded barely down at all. then u.s. futures for stock prices opening this morning are
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actually up now. that means tradeers are saying maybe we overreacted yesterday. we'll have to see how this works out today. will the market go through a full week of tore mall or will people calm down. >> bank of america struggling now as well. does it have much a future when you see what is going on with them right now? >> yesterday, they really took it -- a black eye. their stock price fell yesterday to the level it had not seen so low since march of 2009 when all stocks were at a bottom. remember the dow was at 6800. it is now at 11,5 hunch but bank of america is right back down there to that crisis level. i think some you cups of coffee at starbucks cost more. now, "wall street journal" out with a story saying federal regular litter are going in and saying you guys have not done enough to strengthen your finances. if you don't get with, it we'll
6:26 am
humiliate you with and public enforcement action. b of a says we're on our way. so the feds could be hampering the bank as it tries to turn itself around. >> we'll see if they can get with it. thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next, why the occupy wall street protests in our area could pick up some steam today. also ahead, good news for drivers in maryland. a long awaited stretch of the icc now officially open for business. we'll check in with stacy cohan coming up here in just a bit. as we go to break, time if a look at today's my fox half off deal. it was a bargain if you hike going to sporting events. concerts or theater for that matter. $20 can buy you $50 worth of credits at score big. that is a 60% savings. to find out more, go to and look on the my fox half off deal on the right side of the home page. 
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guess what. we have a big name guest coming up today on fox 5 morning news. >> the first lady? >> not the first lady but machine who is very close to the first lady. mrs.obama's make-up artist will join us in studio. >> who is he going to work on? >> he will work on me with a mini makeover. he will share his tips as well with allison seymour. she will be talking with him coming up in our 9:00 hour. >> it will be fantastic to meet him and hear what he has to say, hear his stories. he has also worked on oprah winfrey as well. >> patty labelle and all kinds of people. >> beyonce. >> he worked on me many, many years ago like 25 years ago. >> he could do it again today. >> perhaps. maybe he'll improve me. >> there is no improving tony perkins. >> thank you. i wasn't fshing for a
6:31 am
compliment. >> maybe a little. -- i wasn't fishing for a compliment. >> maybe a little. >> let's start with hd radar. there are some scatter showers out and about this morning. not a lot of rain at this hour to speak of. but some showers. where you are not getting rain, you are get methamphetaminey conditions, perhaps some fog as well. it's damp start to the day and we'll be seeing more of the same through the day today. right now, reagan national is reporting a temperature of 50 degrees. relative humidity is at 96%. wind are out of the northeast at seven miles per hour. the forecast for today, lots of clouds, periods of rain. high temperatures only in the mid-50s today. tonight, we could actually see some thunderstorms move through late tonight overnight into early tomorrow so take the umbrella with you. you will need it. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's edition of ask the weather guys. we'll address the phenomenon nope as are we there yet?
6:32 am
>> how many times can you ask that question. >> on the way to the thanksgiving destination. >> and why do you get that. we'll look at that. >> we'll check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> still interested to see how the icc connector is working for you. hit me up on twitter. rye now, we do have problems to report on the wet pavement this morning. if you are trafficking the blade between the clara barton parkway and the bw parkway, you are at speed. not a bad ride, about 58 miles per hour in spite of the fact that you are on wet pavement. on the inner loop before you reach the gw park washing authorities are checking for a crash at this location. -- on the inner loop before you reach the gw parkway, authorities are checking for a
6:33 am
crash at this location. coming in from annapolis this morning, southbound i-97 at newcutt road, right lane blocked off there with a crash. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the second section. the intercounty connector is open today. >> it's new stretch of toll road linking montgomery and prince george's counties. stacy cohan has the latest. >> i am not -- >> reporter: i am not alone. i have seen a steady stream of traffic here. this was $2.6 billion in the making. and so the opening day has been much anticipated. now, can you drive it for free up until december 5th. after that, you will pay some tolls and dork the peak rush hour, they are pretty hefty at about 25 cents a mile. they are hoping it will dramatically ease congestion on the side roads that goes between montgomery county, gaithersburg all the way to
6:34 am
laurel. it is an east-west route that they are hoping will dramatically ease congestion an according to the local officials, it could also help the economy. >> more jobs in prince george's county but quality of life. people being able to get back and forth in a timely manner. that is what is going to help move this region forward. >> reporter: we'll see. right now, we do have a steady stream of traffic. when they opened the original portion of the icc last year, it was somewhat slow but planners say it was on point with what they had expected. one additional note. this may be last public highway in quite some time in maryland according to "washington post." the cost of this project emptied the coffers and it could be quite some time before we see another major road project. but this road is open for business. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. >> all right. about time. thank you. a look at our other top stories. the occupy wall street movement could pick up strength in our area today. more than 20 protesters are expected to arrive at
6:35 am
macpherson square finishing a nearly 240-mile back from new york. on the way, protesters picked up supporters in new jersey, pennsylvania, delaware and will be in maryland. today, occupy protesters in alexandria will gather in old town at market square and march into the district. man accused of farring shots at the white house is being held without bond and will undergo a psychological evaluation. oscar ortega hernandez was in court yesterday. he was accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house earlier this month. president obama was not there at the time. a hearing has been set for the soldier accused of passing classified government documents to the web site wikileaks. bradley machining's article 32 hearing will determine if he will stand trial. it will be held at fort meade in maryland starting december 16th. he is facing 22 counts including aiding the enemy. today mark the 48th anniversary of the
6:36 am
assassination of president john f. kennedy. deeley plaza in dallas always sees an increase on this day but huge crowds are expected in had two years for the 50th anniversary. a fund raising campaign hopes to generate some $2 million to renovate the placentia a-- the plaza in time if that commemmoration. we are here to help you cross at least one thing off the christmas shopping list. >> if you have somebody asking for an ipad, we'll check out the pros and cons of some of the most popular product on the market right now. sent us your news tips at fox 5 tips at or you can call the number on your screen. screen.   we'll be right back. 
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only a little over a month left now. the final countdown to christmas is on and ipads or stab lets might object many
6:40 am
people's lists. options are out there and sure to be under a few christmas trees out there. >> that music just make me more stressed thinking about the countdown. lauren demarco joins us now to figure out how you can figure out which device is right for you. help us. >> there are so many options and unlike apple's closed system of hard war and software, android's operating system is more open in nature but all of the tablets come along with their own pros and cons. it is just a matter of matching it up with your needs. here with some tablet talk the ceo of optimal networks in rockville. >> good morning. >> so much fun. so exciting having all these tablets here. we have the ipad 2 in white which is just a little more fancy. let's sort of talk about the ipad 2. the one question i have with this, most people do know a good deal about it. but could you use the ipad 2 in place of a computer in your home?
6:41 am
>> it really depends what you want. it depends on what you want to do and what you need. if all you're looking to do is surf the web a little bit, this is a lovely smart phone. very smart. if you are looking to surf the web and answer some e-mails, it is a fine thing to sub fought for a acomputer. fur look to do work or write things, it becomes more difficult. these are considered content consumption devices rather than con at any time creation devices. >> can you hook a physical keyboard up to the ipad. >> you can, through blue tooth. >> another question of is i have the iphone 4 s. do i need an ipad 2. >> it is lovely because it is a much bigger screen. i once had an iphone and a got an ipad. every time i wanted to being e- mail or surf the web or did anything that required a movement on the screen, i just ran to the ipad and i started just using the iphone for make
6:42 am
phone calls. >> do you still have an iphone? >> i don't. >> let's talk a little bit about the amazon kindle fire. so they took the e-reader and beefed it up into a tablet and it is now sort of like the big competitor. >> this is just an amazing device. it has exactly one button. and what amazon has done is it has taken its kindle and it has turned it into basically -- let's see if i can do it sideways here. it has turned it into little a little personal entertainment system where not only can you read books but you can also watch movies with amazon and can you download them and take them. you can listen to songs and play games and apps. these two are not to be confused. the ipad is a much more full featured device. it has cameras. it has forecast processor. >> 3 g. >> this thing can go up to 64
6:43 am
gigabytes of ram. this thing comes with eight. it is a phenomenal device and amazon has put out a competitor to apple's entertainment world. i'm very excite about that. >> a much lower price point. >> $199. >> so something to think about there. >> i have to say when i bought this, didn't know what to expect. i'm very excited. i'm going to keep it. and i'm giving my brother one for his birthday. >> can i get one? christmas comes early. >> then we have the think pad. i did read, it said if an it guy were to develop a tablet, this what he would make so that makes sense coming from you. >> this is -- our company works with businesses and it department as and people on their computer systems and people are saying what is the best tablet for business. it is tough to say. i don't have -- what it is
6:44 am
doing now? you're not supposed to do that on live tv. >> behave. >> behave. this is one of the tablets on the android operating system you can understand that the ipad has about 07% of the market now. the-- about 07% of -- about 70% of the market now. businesses say can i use the ipad for business? can you. always a lot of good things to. it the android is more open. these tablets, especially this one coming from linovo, which is probably one of best out there for business, has a lot of business features that you won't find on an ipad. it has a usb port t has a pen built into it. >> this one is for the business worker in your life but it looks like there is just something for everybody. so it is really just all about what you're looking for and the options that you are going to need. >> i'll seep show you the case. >> very cool. >> these are the sorts of things and i'm not pushing one
6:45 am
tablet over the other but we hope companies will figure out what is the best approach for them. >> thank you for helping us as well. we will post all of this on thank you for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> or just take one of each. then you got it covered. >> makes it easy. >> that is tough. >> they are fun to play with. >> plenty of options. >> only one option today when it comes to the weather. >> an umbrella. we have rainfall. you will need that. be careful taking your little tablet pad outdoors. we'll have a lot of rain around. we'll have a fair a rain. let's look at what is going on. -- we'll have a fair amount of rain. not too bad. we have some showers here and there. to be honest, we have less rain now than we had earlier this morning. so it is not bad. eastern maryland, southern maryland, you are getting some rainfall. we are seeing some more rain pop up including a couple of spots of heavy rain in western portions of maryland right around the cumberland area and
6:46 am
southward. some of this will be coming through near hagerstown, maybe just to the north of hagerstown in a little bit. wash right now, we mainly have mist and some fog out there too. but not much in the way of real rainfall. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite for the eastern half of the nation. here is what is happening. here is your rain system. again, quite a bit of moisture associated with this. that is why we're calling for rain today, tonight and into the first half of tomorrow. couple of things at play here. forecast is actually rather complicated. the similar they would thing that you need to know is rain, rain, rain. but for today, a warm front will come through. that comes through late tonight and then -- or later on today and then later, after that, a cold front come through. so we'll see our temperatures kind of do something a little bit weird. they will likely remain fairly steady during the course of the day today. 56-degree for your high under cloudy skies with rain showers and then for tonight, more rain, temperature don't drop off all that much.
6:47 am
we are looking for an overnight low of about 54 degrees. so very close there. and touring the overnight hours, they may increase a little bit. our high tomorrow will be in the early part of the day. then temperatures drop off again behind the cold front that comes through. could see some thunderstorms overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. also, thanksgiving looks for be pretty decent. mid-50s, mix of clouds and sun. friday and saturday look to be fine days. good am of sunshine. highs right around 60 or into the low 60s. there you go. that is a look at the weather. hello, tucker. >> hello. >> how are you? >> we've already spent several hours together. >> yes. it is now time for. >> ask the weather guys! >> why don't you do the honors. >> this is the incredibly interesting segment where tony perkins and i put our fabulously large heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise.
6:48 am
today's question comes from steve and tina strickland in brandywine, maryland. thank you for writing in. they want to know and it is a great question. we thought we would grab this question as everybody is heading out of town. why does it always seem to take longer to get to your destination than it does to return home. even if you heave at the same time and watch the same traffic reports, it still seems faster getting home than getting to your destination. >> it is so true. i found that, yes, this past weekend. >> this is part of the phenomenon what you have kids and you are going somewhere and the kids are in the back seat going are we there yet? >> i do the same thing now. >> but for adults, it does in your mind, it does feel like of wherever you're going, if you are going on a trip like a road trip especially driving or even walking some place, it just feels like it is taking forever. and then coming home being okay, that went fairly quickly. do you have any ideas why this might happen. >> i guess because on your way back, you've already seen the areas you know what to expect.
6:49 am
you have aseep your surroundings. >> you are very bright. >> intuitive. >> whoa! >> very good. i like that. >> had to do with the way your brain is built. >> you want to go into this? >> you are absolutely right, sarah. psychologists and psychiatrists have done a variety of studies and tests on this. here what is they found out. people are used to their home just as you said, used to their home surroundings and they consider their home area to be bigger than it actually is. by that, i mean, if you are traveling -- lets say you went up to atlantic city for the weekend and you are traveling back home. you feel like your home or when you get to the beltway -- like you're home when you get to the beltway. >> i do. >> when you are astill possibly 10 miles away from your house but it is your area, your home area you're familiar with. when you are going some place else, particularly if it is
6:50 am
some place that you are not as familiar with or not familiar with at all, it just feels like it is taking forever to get to that pinpoint destination, the hotel, grandma's house, whatever it is. it is a little site approximate your home site is a big site in your own mind. >> coming back from atlantic city, it always takes forever because i'm thinking about all that loss. >> yeah, that is a sad trip. >> it is. that's true. >> so they've didn't a variety of tests, fascinating tests where they ask people -- they show people two points on a map and they say how long do you think it would take from your home here to this city and they estimate and then they'll come around back and it is shorter. >> do you find with your kids the same thing because as kids get excited if they are going to grand ma's or you're going to the amusement park. you do get that al.a. on the way home being do you
6:51 am
find they relax a little bit on the way home. >> my son is a homebody and like being at home so i get it both ways. he is ready to get home whenever we're going back home from some place. it is both ways. are we there? that kind of thing. >> do you have anything to add? >> absolutely nothing. >> thanks to contributing. >> why did we bring you over. >> you didn't let me talk. if you've got a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. can you also upload your video question. and if you address me personally, i'll be sure to answer your question. >> stop talking. >> if you have some thoughts to add, you can add them tomorrow. >> e-mail them to tony. >> speaking of the roads and journey, hi, jewel. >> i. >> tomorrow's question can be what can we to for the he's
6:52 am
touching me, make him stop touching me. that was usually me and my brother and. dad's response was if i stop this car. >> and old one is he's looking at me. stop looking at me. >> we are talking about the commute. earlier crash reported south of mvaering montgomery village avenue out of the roadway. big tea lays headed southbound down towards the scene. you will find if you are traveling outer loop. the beltway leaving 59 to georgia avenue. we are encouraging you to try out that icc right now while it is free. stacy cohan has been reporting live. that 18-mile stretch is open. now, if you are traveling the beltway inner loop, that is where we have some problems. not only do we have speeds that are above speed on the wet pavement as you travel 55 miles per hour headed down towards the gw parkway but on the inhere, we have the crash reported at the gw parkway and
6:53 am
inbound on the clara barton at the d.c. line. accident activity there tying up the left side of the highway. northbound route one at backlick road. accident activity blocked for the left lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the fashion trend that continues to catch on. we're talking about the ugly holiday sweaters. maybe you've gotten invited it a party or two yourself. >> and it is catching on. i wasn't aware of that. some thrift stores are having a hare time keeping them in stock. >> this is amazing. >> macy and the folks at first trader in north park have waited long enough. >> we just put them out today. >> she is talking about the store's holiday sweater display. because strangely enough, the pop lairlt of over the top christmas sweaters have been all the rage among the younger bar-hopping crowd. this became really. >> people crave that can i
6:54 am
havey holiday thing. >> reporter: can he w.-- people crave that kitrhy holiday thing. >> the they fly off the shelves. >> reporter: the store employees say the crazier, the cheesier it is the more popular it is. >> i already want one of them. the snowmans are cool. >> reporter: check out your closet because that horrible sweater your grandmother gave new the '80s, could be chic. >> time to get one before the holidays get here. not too long but a some or so. next hour, thousands of years after their death, an exhibit bringing new life to ancient egypt. >> holly is live at the smithsonian's national museum of natural history taking us behind the scene of a first of its kind exhibit. we'll be back after this. [ elevator bell dings ]
6:55 am
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good morning and everybody. i'm holly morris and i go ahead you could say today i'm all wrapped up. welcome to eternal life in ancient egypt. it opened last week. it's all about mummies. in fact, this is the largest mummy exhibit ever mounted by the smithsonian. they have artifacts that date back to 3500 b.c. we're going to talk about social networking. we are going to give you all the information you need to know to make the most of your mummy experience. >> holly, this. we'll check in with you later on. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. she says she checks out the news every day because she is a 911 dispatcher. thank you for watching every morning. we appreciate it and your work as well. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day, search fox5
6:59 am
news on facebook, no space between fox and the number 5 and post a comment under her photo. let's send it over to allison who is joining steve. good morning. good morning. coming up on fox 5 morning news, how does shaving 30 minutes off your commute sound? driver's in maryland have a chance to do that today on the new section of the intercounty connector. make way for more occupy protestors in the nation's capital. occupy the highway marchers set to arrive today after two weeks on the road. why the timing of it is no accident. and -- >> there will be no easy offramps on this one. we need to keep the pressure up to compromise. >> fallout from the failure of the so-called congressional super committee. now on the table, painful cuts at the pentagon and a veto threat. a live report is straight ahead as fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now.


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